Common Flowers Varieties

South African Gerberas

Being a member of the daisy family coming from South Africa, the striking Gerbera is fantastic for container as well as vase arrangements. Like a rainbow spectrum, the Gerbera consists of various colours like red, white, orange, yellow and more. The Gerbera is a rather large flower with its petals spanning approximately a hundred millimeters from one end to the other. Gerberas are ideal for bulk arrangements in contemporary patterns and provide a pleasant splash of color with regard to weddings, functions, homes and also offices!

The Rose

Also, easily the best known flower on the planet, the rose is the crème de la crème of the flowers and no floral set-up would be complete without it. The ultimate representation of love and also romance, it's a strongly suggested, or even essential, addition for just about any flower arrangements whatsoever. You can select the conventional shades of reds, pink, whites, or yellows or perhaps those colors who are not so well recognised such as salmon, violet, cream, orange, striped or even bi-coloured. It's even possible to have messages printed on their petals and leaves too!

The Carnation

Carnations are great for various floral arrangements. From the floral species dianthus which basically means flower of affection, carnations can be found in a number of measurements and hues including: pink, white, red as well as yellow. Having a ruffled look and its splendid aroma, it is linked to the cloves. There are a few methods of which one can exhibit the carnations. An example is to leave them in a long thin flower vase and another is to lie it in a container in groups to further define its splendor.

The Marvellous Tulip

This particular springtime flower also comes in numerous varieties and is an inexpensive selection indeed if you're looking for easy and quick floral blossoms. Yet another fine choice for any flower arrangement would be tulips, which are of themselves classy and elegant. With their rather large petal dimensions, they can similarly be used as a single flower in a particular flower vase, or coupled with shrubs and also other branches to make a floral arrangement.

The Delightful Native Hydrangeas

Aa they are prominent and also eye-catching, the hydrangeas are believed to be one of the most, if not most, gorgeous flowers used in the preparation of a flower bouquet or perhaps an arrangement. Hydrangeas can be used along with just about any other types of plants in making a good design, within a wrap, or displaye by itself within a pot yet still get noticed as a result of the magnificence and bright colours which they exhibit.

The Marvellous Focal Point Lily

Lilies were known as symbols of affection, tranquility and magnificence and have been so since the beginning of time. Available in whites, reds, oranges, yellows, purples plus a wide combination of these same colours, they have become a common favorite for presents and also tributes. Due to their wonderful smell and looks, these kinds of flowers are usually highly sought after even in the current age. With its excellent beauty and radiance, this specific flower is often used in arrangements of flowers or in memorials as well.